Oxfam fights for housekeeper rights

October 18, 2017

OTTAWA, 18 October 2017: Profits in the global hotel industry are based on the systematic exploitation of housekeepers, the majority of whom are poor women living in fear of losing their jobs, says a new report by Oxfam Canada entitled Tourism’s Dirty Secret: The Exploitation of Hotel Housekeepers. The report points out the alarming truth that it would take a Thai housekeeper based in a hotel in Phuket 14 years to earn what a the highest hotel CEO earns in a day. Findings were based on interviews with current and former hotel housekeepers in Canada, the Dominican Republic and Thailand. Oxfam heard hotels often don’t pay housekeepers enough to survive, make them work long hours with no overtime pay, and turn a blind eye to high rates of injury and sexual harassment on the job. “You cannot say anything because if you say something, you don’t know if you’re there tomorrow

Oxfam fights for housekeeper rights

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