Homes in Sattahip ravaged by Freak Storm

May 27, 2010

A freak storm recently hit several homes in the Sattahip area leaving a number or residents with no roofs, and causing some flash flooding. The storm lasted for a little over an hour, and fortunately, residents were able to evacuate without any injuries. Local homeowners, Khun Anek Kongsamut, and Khun Winai Kongsamut, explained that the storm had suddenly appeared without warning and that many local residents were very lucky to have escaped their insecure homes prior to the damage. Khun Kongsamut, a local fisherman, explained that over the years he has become use to these freak storms, however, considering the severe damage caused by the last one, he is thinking of relocating his family to another area.

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Homes in Sattahip ravaged by Freak Storm

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